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The grinding or clenching of teeth is called bruxism. It is usually done subconsciously while the patient is asleep. While the exact causes remain unclear, stress, anxiety, altered tooth position and medications have been suggested as possible triggers.
If the grinding is so severe that it causes headaches, stiffness of the shoulders or neck, jaw muscle pain and adversely affects the health of your teeth, treatment becomes necessary.


The effects of teeth grinding

Teeth grinding, also called bruxism, causes abnormal wear of a patient’s teeth. This wear can lead to fractures and can damage fillings or restorations.


Treatment for teeth grinding

Prevent your teeth from possible damage – protect them early
One way to protect your teeth and prevent tooth wear is to wear an occlusal appliance, also known as a bite or night guard at bedtime. It stabilises your jaws and reduces muscle pain.


Dental surgery in Zurich – Competence and experience

Your trusted dentists in Zurich are experts in treating bruxism (the grinding of teeth). Our team is at hand to support you with any questions you may have about a possible treatment using a night guard. Please feel free to contact us !