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At our practice in Zurich , we can – and frequently do – produce completely metal-free tooth implants and dental reconstructions, using different all-ceramic systems. We can not only create ceramic restorations – like pressed ceramics (e.g. lithium disilicate, like E-Max) – but also composites (a mixture of synthetic materials and ceramics) and state-of-the-art, high-performance ceramics (zirconium dioxide) for different applications. In most cases – be it a filling or implant with crown – a high-quality, metal-free alternative can be found.


All-ceramic aesthetic tooth replacements – completely metal-free

Aesthetic dentistry  offers a range of metal-free safe and lasting alternatives


All-ceramic crowns and partial crowns

In order to prepare them for the fitting of all-ceramic crowns and bridges, teeth have to be trimmed to a specific shape – a slightly tapered form – so that the crown can be slipped over the top layer. Once this shaping process has been completed, a copy of the tooth is made by way of taking a dental impression, which then serves as a model to fabricate the crown or bridge. For the actual crown or bridge, materials range from metal-ceramic solutions (whereby tooth-coloured ceramic is fused onto a golden base) to state-of-the-art, metal-free, all-ceramic solutions made from zirconium dioxide or lithium disilicate.


This example shows all-ceramic partial crowns fitted to the front teeth


This example shows an all-ceramic bridge fitted to the teeth on the side of the mouth front to end


Ceramic implants

Ceramic restorations like overlays and inlays are long-lasting and highly aesthetic. In fact, it is difficult to find a more beautiful solution…


Case study: After a treatment using all-ceramic crowns, overlays, partial crowns and veneers


Case study: A patient received provisional treatment ahead of her referral to us // At our practice, they received all-ceramic crowns.


Case study: Minimally invasive preparation of the teeth before a fitting of 1) all-ceramic overlays 2) ceramic overlays applied to the lower jaw of model 3) fitted all-ceramic overlays


Dental surgery in Zurich – Competence and experience

Your trusted dentists in Zurich are experts in working with metal-free ceramic implants and are always at hand to support you with any questions you may have.