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Don’t be afraid to go to your dentist. It is very important to us that your visit to our practice is anxiety free. This is why together with our specialist team of anaesthetists, we have been using anaesthesia and sedation for many years as a standard procedure.


A patient typically wakes up five minutes after the surgery has ended and is able to walk home accompanied after a short rest of about half an hour to an hour. We use state-of-the-art equipment and modern medication to ensure a safe and high-quality anaesthesia.


The patient is already anaesthetised before being intubated (a process which secures the airways by means of a breathing tube). Our experienced team of anaesthetists closely monitor pulse, blood pressure, breathing and heart-rate during the treatment.


Dental surgery in Zurich – Competence and experience

Your competent practice for anxiety-free treatments using anaesthesia or laughing-gas sedation Your trusted dentists in Zurich are experts in anxiety-free treatments. We are at hand to support you with any questions you may have about anaesthesia. Please feel free to contact us !