The philosophy of our dental practice: Extensive experience and expertise

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Our patients have confidence in our dental practice in the heart of Zurich.

«Dentistry is a matter of trust. This is why we are committed to earning the trust of our patients.»

We are your dentists in Zurich – we maintain the highest quality standards and offer a comprehensive range of essential dental treatments. All our dentists are renowned specialists and/or have obtained additional specialised qualifications in Zurich.


Dental practice in the heart of Zurich

Our patients have confidence in our services. They receive personalised treatments from a team of dentists they know and trust.

We are not a centre for dental services but a professional practice, where all dentists are highly trained professionals with additional specialised qualifications. Many years of practical experience allow us to offer our patients a wide range of professional treatments. The three owners of the practice are all Swiss and run the practice as attending medical professionals.


In addition to working at the practice, Dr Truninger  works part time as an Instructor and assistant Professor at the Dental Institute of the University of Zurich and teaches future specialists in Implantology and complex dental reconstructions. Dr Heller Fontana  and Dr Kübler  are experts involved in the development of ceramic implants. Together, the owners and their team pass on their extensive knowledge of tried and tested methods as well as new scientific discoveries to you, our patients.


Dr Barman is a teacher at the Swiss Association of Paediatric Dentistry SVK/ASP for the so-called “Fähigkeitsausweis Lachgassedation” (Qualification in Laughing Gas Inhalation Sedation).