The philosophy of our dental practice: Proven – personal – professional

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In order to provide successful and pain-free treatments, we employ state-of-the-art technology at our practice.

Your benefits: 


3-Shape Trios Intraoral Scanner Application: Replaces the traditional methods of making a mould with paste and impression trays
Benefit to you: A more pleasant treatment; extremely precise collection of data due to laser-supported optics
Laser Application: Gentle operational method applicable to various treatments
Benefit to you: Shorter recuperation period; less bleeding and highly aesthetic results
Cerec 3D Application: Computer-aided production of inlays and crowns
Benefit to you: Inlays and crowns after only one appointment; significant cost saving
Microscope for operations Application: Root canal treatments
Benefit to you: Better diagnostics and therapy due to a 12.5-time magnification; significantly increased long-term success rate
Digital Xray Application: Diagnostics and prevention
Benefit to you: Reduced exposure to radiation; more precise images and shorter treatment time as the images are available immediately
Intra-Oral-Camera Application: Patient education; visualisation of the treatment situation
Benefit to you: Better and more comprehensive information
Brite smile in office bleaching Application: Bleaching of teeth
Benefit to you: Bleaching of teeth in only one appointment using this state-of-the-art, gentle method
Ultrasonic and sonic instruments Application: Dental cleaning, dental hygiene for prevention and prophylactic purposes
Benefit to you: Effective and gentle treatment
MState-of-the-art, high-performance sterilisation appliances Application: Cleaning and sterilisation of machines
Ihre Vorteile: effektive und sichere Behandlung für Sie und unser Team
Trays for instruments Application: Safe and sterile storage of instruments in trays
Benefit to you: Most efficient method to guarantee sterile treatments
Matrx laughing gas machine Application: Sedation using laughing gas
Benefit to you: A pleasant treatment using laughing gas for relaxation purposes